noun: gelato; plural noun: gelati


Our Gelato contains significantly less butterfat than ordinary ice cream. Whereas ice cream might be 15 percent butterfat or more, gelato typically contains more like four to eight percent butterfat.

All our Gelato Fruit Flavours are made using a water base, making our Gelato a treat for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

Our Gelato is churned more slowly and has less air whipped into it than ice cream, thus producing a denser product.

But because our gelato is more dense, its flavours can be more intense than ordinary ice cream.

Our Gelato is generally stored and served at warmer temperatures than ice cream. Whereas ice cream can be stored in a deep-freeze of -28 celsius or colder, gelato is usually stored at -17 celsius to -12 celsius, and served at -12 celsius to -6 celsius. Gelato's lower fat content and denser consistency would make it too hard to eat at colder temperatures.