You are here: home health/fitness urology urology pain!! Non obstructing renal calculus urology/pain!! Non obstructing renal calculus advertisement expert: stephen w. Leslie, md - 12/5/2011 question male with high level of pain in left thigh leg to knee... Described as excruciating, with narcotic pain med for over a week... Ct scan shows 1. 6 cm non obstructing renal calculus lower pole left kidney and 8 mm cyst upper pole... viagra 100mg tablets side effects Could this pain be from a non obstructing calculus... viagra 100mg tablets side effects And would it require treatment either way?? Answer evan: the location of your pain suggests that it has nothing to do with the kidneys.  however, a 1. buy generic viagra from canada 6 cm stone is quite large and will need treatment by a urologist. best over the counter viagra substitute  order a copy of "the kidney stones handbook" by sending an email to gsavitz@earthlink. Net or calling grant gibbs at: 530-889-1727.  the book is highly recommended for anyone with stones and is endorsed by the nih!  good luck. Get that leg looked at right away. viagra 100mg vs viagra 20mg  it could be a nerve or a blood clot or something else.  use an er if you have to, but don't wait. View follow-ups add to this answer ask a question related articles crixivan (indinavir) symptoms of kidney disease in diabetes - kidney disease symptoms non drug or alternative treatment for chronic pain pain levels - how doctors measure pain level oxycontin addiction - will i become addicted to oxycontin if i take it every day? Urology all answers answers by expert: stephen w. Leslie, md arthur goldstein, m. generic viagra canada D. Thomas a suppe rdms clt joel gelman, m. viagra 100mg tablets side effects D. viagra for sale Ask experts volunteer stephen w. viagra cost Leslie, md expertise questions concerning erectile dysfunction, kidney stones and prostate disorders including prostate cancer. I have a special interest in kidney stone disease prevention. Experience full time practicing urologist with 30 years experience. Associate professor of surgery and chief of urology at creighton university medical center. Editor in chief of emedicine urology internet textbook. Author of only nih approved book written for patients by a urologist on the subject of kidney stones "the kidney stones handbook". Inventor of the "parachute" and "escape" kidney stone baskets and the "calculus" stone prevention analysis computer program. generic viagra online Organizations american urological association, ohio state medical association, sexual medicine society publications men's health, journal of urology, urology, healthwatch magazine, emergency medicine monthly, emedicine, "the kidney stones handbook", and numerous articles in various newspapers. cheap generic viagra He is also the editor of the urology board review by mcgraw-hill used by urologists to study for their board certification examinations. buy viagra without prescription Education/credentials graduate of new york medical college wi.